Thursday, April 22, 2021

Conquering Symptoms of Low Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is an androgen hormone produced by both men and women, but found predominantly in men. Production of this hormone begins at puberty and peaks around the age of 25. By the late 30’s and into the 40’s, production of testosterone begins to decline.

Testosterone supports many bodily functions including muscle mass and strength, bone density, libido, fat distribution, and red blood cell production. As testosterone levels decline around the age of 40, these bodily functions can be negatively affected.

One specific area men are concerned about is low libido. Erectile dysfunction (E.D.) is also a concern, which is often times associated with low libido, but not necessarily related testosterone levels. So how does a man with such a dilemma approach low libido and E.D. naturally?

Since low libido and E.D. are actually two different problems, I’ll approach each one independently. First, low libido.

There are hundreds of hormone reactions happening all throughout the body 24 hours a day. To say that low libido is always caused by low testosterone would be false. As I’ve mentioned in previous health blogs, stress can have a dramatic effect on hormone levels. In this particular case there is a simple flow chart to illustrate how stress can cause low testosterone: 

high stress -> low progesterone -> high estrogen -> low testosterone

When I’m working with a person with low testosterone, my first question is what’s your stress level like? If they have high stress, chances are they have low progesterone–a hormone that helps to cope with stress. Natural, bio-identical progesterone can be a safe solution to low testosterone, rather than that person getting on some form of testosterone therapy, which may be needed. But I like to see a person’s health from every angle and not just assume that they need testosterone therapy right away, which may not be the case

One of the safest ways to get testosterone back to optimal levels is to exercise to the point where you perspire. Lifting weights is very effective, and exercising large muscles (back and thighs) works well. This is a great way for men to produce more of their own testosterone, plus it also releases endorphins that increases a positive mood.

The other difficulty men are confronted with is erectile dysfunction, or E.D. In cases where low libido and E.D. are not related, how can we deal with E.D.? Often, the complication is a lack of blood flow. Many men with E.D. have high blood pressure or high blood sugar (type 2 diabetes), and sometimes both. Smoking cigarettes can also cause E.D. due to lower oxygen levels in the body.

High blood pressure can be caused by constricted blood vessels (sometimes associated with stress), or clogged arteries from plaque build-up. Similarly, high blood sugar can also cause plaque build-up, plus high glucose levels can damage the lining of blood vessels. Either way, blood flow is being restricted.

Rather than take a pill to address the restrained blood flow associated with E.D., there is a much safer and more natural approach, and it has to do with your eating habits.

Eating a carbohydrate rich diet that includes sugar, potatoes, corn, bread, pasta, rice, and let’s not forget about sweet tea and soda drinks, can all cause high blood sugar and high blood pressure. By reducing these foods and eating a low-carb diet, a person can in a matter of weeks correct blood flow issues linked to E.D. A dietary regimen should consist of eating lean animal proteins, healthy fats, and a mixture of green and colored vegetables, and fruits, especially berries. Blueberries and broccoli are extremely nutritious.

Not only can dietary change and exercising benefit in areas such as low testosterone and E.D., the individual will have more energy, have a reduction of stress, and a more positive mood for starters. I realize it is easier to take a pill to make these health concerns magically go away, but the underlying issues are still there, we’re just simply putting a band-aid on it. However, by taking the time to eat healthier and exercise, the results may be even better than you think.

by John Connor, CNC


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